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Rocky Mountain Coin is the largest coin, currency and precious metals dealer in Colorado.

With a customer base that includes anyone, they needed a website that worked equally well on computers, phones, and everything in between. The new site showcases their expansive inventory so that potential customers outside of the Denver metro area can browse available products.

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS and Javascript
Wordpress Theme Development


Mobile users


378 in 2016 vs. 4383 in 2017

Pages per Visit


1.69 in 2016 vs. 3.01 in 2017

Unique Visitors


5,617 in 2016 vs. 7,876 in 2017

Bounce Rate


71% in 2016 vs. 58% in 2017

By developing the new site with responsive design practices, we saw a more than 1000% increase in site traffic from smartphones and tablets. 

Our efforts to add more (both in quality and quantity) content led to nearly a doubling of the time those visitors spent on the site.